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Where does your FOLKLIFE live?

We must admit, there are just so many beautiful things about social media. How else would be get to know all of you so well? Connect with you over more than just the pages and a little note with your order? How else would we get to see your homes, perhaps ones we will—or will never—visit , and maybe see where your copy of FOLKLIFE lives? We got to get to know you as you shared with us your receiving of FOLKLIFE in homes you were tied too, deep in a pandemic.

The drink you cherished while you turned into the pages. And now, we get to see a new unfolding. One of cozy homes in front of fires, with blankets, and socks, and candles, and more. Hygge—a folk’s way.

your FOLKLIFE live?

What does your cozy space look like, as you read your favourite stories, and as we head back inside, away from the wet and the chill? This is a fire on Mayne Island. Where does your FOLKLIFE live?

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