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We believe in print. We believe in those tactile pages you can hold and smell and keep—lessening screen time and sharing with friends and family. But as we know, the costs associated with print publishing are steep.


From designing to printing to shipping to contracting and to all the beautiful content in between, well…the costs add up, making the margins slim or nonexistent for a long time to come. This is okay. It is a passion project; it a labour of love. It is a goal to celebrate and connect. That is our success.

So if you are able to spare a few dollars to help us out in the making of this beautiful magazine, especially in detrimental pandemic times, we'd appreciate it.

And fortunately, this money ends up in the pockets of your peers. It ends up int the arts, and it ends up in the sustaining of local economies. Your donations are essential to keeping FOLKLIFE thriving.


Thank you for reading and supporting and loving FOLKLIFE. In return, we send our love to you.


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