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As a wee startup, we’re currently seeking volunteers, however, terms may be negotiable for those who are a good fit, and oftentimes volunteer roles turn into paid gigs.

Want to learn about the world of print and digital media? Want an outlet that fulfills your creative needs alongside a small but fabulous group of talented individuals? Want to be thrown into a startup deep end, enveloped in the steep climb of making something from nothing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, working with us may be for you!


This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the publishing industry alongside community members who happen to be writers, editors, artists, designers, consultants, and media professionals who love what they do, have a passion for the places they live, and are curious about people and their stories.


FOLKLIFE is a chance to help produce a new and beautiful publication and be a part of something that has the potential to grow into something big!


We expect enthusiasm, great ideas, hard work, initiative, an ability to reply to emails and meet deadlines, and an interest in promoting slow living lifestyles.


Please take a good look at our website and social media channels, and, if you still have an interest in being involved, email stating your interests and experiences. Thanks for considering spending your precious time with us.


We are grateful.

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