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New short film Farmer.Sailor.Chef sails to Salt Spring’s Stowel Lake Farm

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

FARMER.SAILOR.CHEF is a journey from the mainland to Salt Spring Island that introduces viewers to B.C.’s coastal history and to a renowned regenerative farm. The new short comes from ecologyst films, a division of Victoria-based ecologyst, which makes sustainable apparel out of 100-percent biodegradable fabric and describes itself as being “unashamedly For Nature”.

Directed by Cam MacArthur, film follows Captain Simon Fawkes and his crew across the Salish Sea aboard Providence—the oldest working vessel in B.C., a 1903, seven-sail 80-foot tall ship. Also onboard is chef Kyle Gerrard, who centres his work around the tenet that good food starts with the soil.

They land at Stowel Lake Farm, known for its community-ownership model, regenerative farming practices, abundance of fresh vegetables, and beautiful surroundings. B.C. wild chef and fisherman Teddy Cosco also makes an appearance in the film, which gives a glimpse into life at sea and one devoted to connecting with and living off the land. It culminates in a celebratory outdoor meal made with farm-fresh ingredients.

Among the other works the company produces is series called Food Tastes Better Outside, an outdoor-cooking show.

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