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Huge thanks to our lovely advertisers/supporters!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

February is the month we get to connect with our glorious advertisers. When you research getting a new magazine off the ground, you find out that finding advertisers can be difficult. It’s unproven territory for something that doesn’t exist, which makes it a difficult task. Thing is, when you live in a close-knit community, it is a whole new world, and people are so supportive in the creation of new things. We cannot believe it and are so thankful.

The way we’re doing our ads is a bit different. What is means is that we get to have a real relationship with them. Find out what their values are, what their passions are, and why they do what they do to be the awesome bosses that they are. We get to write the copy that shows this, and capture the image that resonates. We have formed relationships with our advertisers, and even though it has meant more work, we wouldn’t trade it for anything! And they get so much value added because of this, that they can use as well. Here’s a big shoutout to the following business that are supporting us. And in turn, please consider supporting them! <3 Happy love day to all these beautiful bosses!

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