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FOLKLIFE makes a superb gift!

There are many of us with friends and family throughout the lands who have had to change their plans, deciding to not make our beautiful coast a destination for a summer day, week, or month, as we inch our way out of covid times, unsure of what will come next. It seems such a shame that we can’t share these beautiful islands, as sharing the love and magic of a place is the ultimate gift. What was always friends and godchildren and nieces and nephews and cousins and parents and kids laughing over beach picnics, in green parks, on boat rides, over slow coffee at outdoor patios, or jumping off cliffs in crystal oceans, may now only be shared through the brilliant memories of sunshiney times before, or in the looking forward to what will be possible again one day.

But in this, we’re so happy that FOLKLIFE has been able to provide a bit of a reprieve, as islanders send the gift of island life and culture to loved ones who can live in the pages until they can visit; who can have a window into the salty wild from their living room. It has been a delightful mailbox surprise, offering a gentle reminder of past Gulf Island visits. We’ve heard from so many people that their gifts of FOLKLIFE have been huge hits! ‘The packaging, the earthy smell of the pages, the luxurious looks of it, and all of the reading’—connecting them to the places they long to visit, from the next town, city, province, or country over.

We’re stoked that FOLKLIFE has been a superb gift, and for only $18.99! Enjoy the connecting, and find a gift subscription at!

📸 Grazyna Wolski

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