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FOLKLIFE Live! Postponed

As you may have suspected, we are postponing the April 25 FOLKLIFE Live! launch event on Gabriola Island, originally initiated by our venue cancelling. We had booked and confirmed all event’s aspects, and had just printed the posters to start spreading the news (so sad to not share these beauties with you). Although our guest list was at 150 from Kickstarter and people involved, we fortunately hadn't yet started marketing to the general public. Others have been so much less fortunate. We feel the ache as the arts, the entrepreneurs, and the world has been hit hard.

We hope you continue to support the arts in these troubled times as best you can, and we will let you know as soon as we have a new date for FOLKLIFE Live!, where we can gather together once more.

In non-event news, we just sent the 1st edition of FOLKLIFE to print on Friday, after spending 6 months planning, 3 months creating content, and 3 months editing and designing content. It was an amazing and highly-educational process that we are honoured to have been through and we can't wait for you to read it. Manufacturing could be delayed depending on how the world turns, but we will take it as it comes, start on the next edition, and feel gratitude for what is.

We wish you much love and resilience out there. <3

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