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Advertise in FOLKLIFE!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Be seen by thousands in stores and households for years to come.

Working with our first edition advertisers was one of the most rewarding parts of making FOLKLIFE. They trusted in us to be a part of something that didn’t yet exist, and we worked one on one with them to develop how we could support their business best, getting across the heart and purpose of their offerings. At the best of times, we met over drinks, discussed the business, came up with words to reflect the meeting, photographed the wonderful bosses and teams, and put it together, for it to be showcased in FOLKLIFE and in thousands of people’s houses around the world for years and years to come! And now, with an ever increasing FOLKLIFE distribution plan (soon to be in stores across North America, including retailers such as Whole Foods, BC Ferries, etc), we are looking for fabulous businesses that would like to be a part of FOLKLIFE. Join the ranks of those who are reaching a highly-targeted multi-age audience seeking authenticity, connection, sustainability, simplicity, and a high-quality life design.

Email for more information. Working together to get your passion into the hands of the people! If you’ve been hit hard by covid, we’re happy to creatively work with you to make it happen.

What current advertisers have said: “We knew the moment we heard about the vision for this fledgling magazine that it was going to be something special and we have most certainly not been disappointed!…I wish I could post a picture of every page it is so lovely but you really should discover for yourself." ~Gulf Island Seaplanes “Truly an art piece. An intimate invitation to sit and be in the heart of natural living, sprinkled with delicate intimations of the human kingdom! A Jewel of deep smiles and intoxicating poetry.” ~Flo Dedame “I LOVE the FOLKLIFE magazine. It’s stunning, has interesting stories, and beautifully portrays the island lifestyle. I keep wanting to send it out into the world.” ~Tina & Guy. Royal LePage Gabriola “Such a beautiful magazine focusing on the lives of Gulf Island residents... quirks and all. I’m so proud of the creators for conceiving such a lovely representation of our daily lives.” ~Black Bird Studios “I cried when I saw it!!!! So happy to be behind such a great vision!!” ~Lori Matthews - Escape to Gabriola

Video by Alanna Sparanese

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