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A New Gulf Island Magazine Has Arrived to help you Slow the FOLK Down

As publishers of a new and premium lifestyle magazine celebrating the culture of Canada’s west coast Gulf Islands, we couldn’t have known that the month we had planned to launch after a year of work, would be one where everything in the world would change. The past year has been an amazing rollercoaster of business planning, consultations, writing, crowdfunding, editing, photographing, advertising, and designing to bring to the world a new and exciting publication, inspired by beautiful, high-quality bookish-like international magazines.

FOLKLIFE, whose driving concept is to slow the FOLK down, is set to launch May 1, and is inspired by island dwellers who live close to the earth, move with intention, and craft life as an art form.

With the tragedy of retailers shutting, distributors closing up shop, and farmers’ markets ceasing, we’ve had to regroup, cancel our launch event, orient ourselves, and decide our direction so that the first edition wouldn’t just live in a garage that no one would ever find (as many of you are unfortunately having to do as well at the moment). We could have postponed releasing the magazine, as the content is timeless, but we think that connection and entertainment is always essential, especially amid these uncertain and scary times, where art and virtual connection is getting us through. The theme of FOLKLIFE is so close to what everyone is experiencing right now in their social distancing. For the window watchers, FOLKLIFE is a view into a different way of being and living through stories, photographs, and recipes, transporting readers from their homes and into such places as Galiano’s Pilgrimme restaurant, Denman’s intentional cooperative community, and Salt Spring’s tiny houses. Hugging trees rather than people on Gabriola, greeting the early morning light with a Pender baker, or understanding years of social distancing from an Entrance Island lighthouse keeper. Or perhaps harvesting nettles and drinking tea and with a Gabriola herbalist, making a rhubarb cake with a Salt Spring chef, waking with chickens on Mayne, and healing a home on Penelakut.

The list goes on for how you can live vicariously with these wonderful West Coast souls. We’d love if you’d consider purchasing our first edition. In doing so, you will be a part of something great, and have much to look forward to upon its release.

FOLKLIFE was made for those near and far, published on Coast Salish territory, home to the Coast Salish peoples since time immemorial. It is printed in Canada on high-quality, matte, sustainably-sourced (FSC) paper, for a luxury, timeless, earthy feel. Click the link to find out more, take a look at our social pages to see how it’s been made by your fellow islanders, and please consider purchasing the 1st edition (128 pages of delight) on our online shop (linked below)! Thanks for reading <3

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