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Image by Benjamin DeYoung



Saturday September 16th 2023, Salt Spring Island BC

Proudly Presented by FOLKLIFE and Southern Gulf Islands Tourism


Are you an entrepreneur who would benefit from...

Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs?
Reinvigorating the passion and power behind your business?
Learning new tips, habits, and tricks from industry experts?
A break from the day-to-day to hear what others have to say?
A ton of resources?
Time to breathe on a beautiful Gulf Island?

Then you need STOKED.

We are...

Stoked about your business!


Stoked about talented individuals doing what they're stoked about. 


Stoked to connect with like-minded folks who are all going through the unique, challenging, and fulfilling journey of entrepreneurship.


Stoked that we can learn from experienced entrepreneurs and stoked to overcome together.


You're invited to

A full day of professional development to inspire and stoke the fire of your business!

Saturday September 16 2023
8:30am - 5:00pm

Image by Tobias Rademacher

check out the...

Featured Presenters

Tickets: $139

Purchase here

Partnering with Southern Gulf Island Tourism, we invite you to visit

all of the southern Gulf Islands this Fall.


FOLKLIFE Advertiser? Enjoy a 15% discount on ticket prices,

which we will refund you after the purchase.


  • A professional headshot by Syd Woodward, and photographing/filming of the day.

  • A chance to win an amazing prize pack (see below for more information)

  • A page featuring all folks who are attending, their business, and their contact information, so you can reconnect after the event (because you're sure to meet folks who will be assets to your business).

What else?

Traveling to get here?

The Gulf Islands are one of the top places in Canada to visit, and for good reason. Not only are they the places where you ‘slow the folk down’ and where ‘nothing is the new something’—but so much is still happening!


Swim in lakes, boat through oceans, hike up and over mountains, walk trails with groups of friends, really experiencing each season as its own. Learn the hotspots that only locals know—nude dock anyone? Attend art exhibits and music shows in all sorts of venues, become a regular and get your  bread and veg and art from the weekly markets, eclectic shops, or farm stands. While you’re attending the conference, extend your stay, tour the islands, and make it your own mini vacation. You deserve it. 

If you're coming from Islands Mayne, Galiano, Pender, or Saturna, plan to take the locally run AquaLink.


If you're coming from Vancouver Island or further, BC Ferries is there for you.


Find accommodation options and more at

Read stories of the people on the Gulf Islands who are living close to the earth, with intention, and creativity in the premium semi-annual FOLKLIFE Magazine.

Have a few extra dollars?

Donate a few dollars on the ticket page and it will go to folks who might otherwise not be able to attend.

If you'd like to attend but finances are limited, email us (, and we will use the donations to make sure you can attend (first come-first serve).

An Excerpt from Volume 7 of FOLKLIFE Magazine
The Gift of Local Products That We Love
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 11.31.18 AM.png

Sometimes it costs a little bit more to enjoy locally made, handcrafted goods rather than those big brands you can find everywhere, but it’s worth it. The whole experience—from the creation of the product to its enjoyment and the connection it forges, plus bringing ‘round the circular economy—priceless.


Imagine for a minute what excitement and passion and hard work it took for someone to be inspired by the idea, figure out how to create it, and muster the courage to put it out there. Think of all it takes to put a product into the world —branding, pricing, marketing, website, delivering to the consumer, always augmenting . . . And that’s just the beginning.



Let’s picture that these folks started off doing it out of their homes—the same way FOLKLIFE started.

They may have taken up part of the kitchen table or the bedroom floor, gathering the help of loved ones (by force or not), sitting up late at night trying to figure out the darned shipping prices on the hard-to-work website. Perhaps using most of their savings to hire others in the community to create things like logos and websites and the dreaded Tik-Tok (no thanks). Red-rimmed eyes, messy hair, dirty clothes, pyjamas all day long . . . “Why on earth did I take this on?” they’re thinking, on the brink and about to give up. Until they get a good night’s rest of course. And then they do it all over again the next day.


They found something they are passionate about, saw a niche market, and leapt. And us thoughtful consumers are there to catch them. Connecting to something we need or want while supporting their dream and hard work is the real gift in all of this.  Whether we saw it on a shelf, came across it online, or bought it personally, with locally made goods it’s the connection that generates the biggest smile of all.

A Luxurious Salt Spring Experience Raffle Package (Value $1300)

You may live on Salt Spring Island, or you may be coming over to experience the richness of it. No matter the environment, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to revel in a getaway from the every day. For only $20/ticket, you have a great chance to win this bundle!

A 2-night stay at the Salty Cabin BnB from Jessica Wilson, Owner of Salt Shop

The Salty Stay Cabin has been thoughtfully designed to help you unwind and reconnect. A Scandinavian cabin nestled amongst a lush landscape filled with willow trees, an orchard, and a nearby beach access. We invite you to Stay Salty with us! Reconnect to yourself, your loved ones, + nature.

Solace Spa copy.jpg

$250 to a relaxing and nourishing time at Solace Organic Spa

from Julie James, Owner of Solace Organic Spa


Soothe body, mind, & soul at our natural and unique forest day spa. Solace offers exceptional professional massage and a variety of holistic spa therapies in a beautiful forest garden by some of Salt Spring Island’s finest, specialized, and qualified practitioners. Our focus is on inner beauty and spa as a state of mind and heart for enhanced well-being.

Salt Spring Cider FOLKLIFE MAGAZINE-11 copy.jpg

$100 for dinner and drinks at Salt Spring Wild Cider from Gerda Lattey and Mike Lachelt, Owners of Salt Spring Wild Cider


Experience the unique taste of Salt Spring Island’s wild apples. Making cider on Salt Spring using apples that are literally rooted in the island’s history is such a natural continuum of island life. Shaking fruit from these old, gnarled trees that tell us stories of the islands history and then sharing that story in each bottle- that’s what we do.

Visit us at our cider house and restaurant to try a tasting, share a bottle, or sit down for a full lunch and dinner (indoor and outdoor seating). The food we serve is designed to be drunk with cider. You can have a light snack or eat a more filling meal. We use organic ingredients as much as possible. Our meats are all ethically sourced and everything is made from scratch and with pride.

The Saltspring Soapworks ‘Invigorate’ gift set (value $95) from Gary Quiring, Owner of Saltspring Soapworks


This collection of items is beautiful, therapeutic, and highly sensory. The stars of this particular gift set are rosemary and peppermint—two ingredients that awaken the senses. It’s also supported by our famous lip balm, revitalizing salts, and soothing lotion. It includes the Noble Fir Soap Bar, Peppermint Honey Lip Balm, Peppermint Tea Tree Salts, Rosemary Mint Lotion, Rosemary Mint Soap Bar, and Rosemary Mint Wash.




About the Organizers

Alina Cerminara is the founder and creator of FOLKLIFE, an award-winning semi-annual premium lifestyle magazine celebrating island folks who live close to the earth, with intention, and creativity.


As a social innovator with an ethical consciousness, Alina has envisioned and realized a wide range of human-focused happenings over the last 14 years, including seven years of planning annual arts events/festivals. She has a Masters in Publishing and a degree in theatre and creative writing, and she is stoked about community, the arts, and folks that are stoked about their own passions and making them happen. She can’t wait to meet you.

Jacqueline East and Jamie Sterling at Southern Gulf Islands Tourism work toward creating a regenerative tourism industry in the region by supporting local jobs and businesses, connecting communities, and improving experiences for both visitors and residents. With a mission to steward the vibrancy and viability of an interconnected archipelago, the not-for-profit organization participates in regional events, supports conservation initiatives, and promotes local artists and artisans, improving how we all live, work, and play in the Southern Gulf Islands. 

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