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Volume 2 Sent to Print!

So yesterday we sent our 2nd edition to print. A big day. It was a lot of writing and photographing and editing and more editing—catching misplaced hyphens and colons and photo credits and photo choices. Back and forth between these beautiful people for months and months and months. It was a long haul through the summer, but so very worth the effort. So very worth the connections. So very worth the time, and so very worth the product that you will soon have in your hands. Okay, well if ‘soon’, means the end of October... All good things take time. Semi-annual is perfect for us, even though it’s been months of saying ‘end of October’ for a release. We’re stoked that you’re stoked and we’re stoked to head into the next segment of what it means to be a mag publisher. Interviews and photos and distribution and grant writing. Cheers!

By Shannon Kay of Sweet Sea Photography (Missing in picture is our fabulous proofreader, Margy Gilmour, and all other editors, contributors, writers, and photographers behind the scenes!)

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