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Volume 1 Sold Out

It is with bittersweet emotions that we announce that Volume 1 of FOLKLIFE is officially sold out. We feel blessed with the amount of support and love we have received over the last year, all leading to this. And while it is kind of fun to put a ‘sold out’ label on it due to the support of all of you lovely folk, it also means that new readers won’t get to enjoy the timeless stories in it.

It is, however, only ‘sold out’ through us. There are still some retailers who have it in stock (see our website for those). And it will be in stock at the following stores for the next couple of weeks, before it is *gasp* shredded as its time on those shelves now comes to an end (as the magazine industry does). Please visit your local Chapters/Coles, Whole Foods, BC Ferries, or many others, listed on our website…for a last minute chance to get yours.

And hold yours close, for they are now hard to come by. And stay tuned for a sneak peek of our upcoming second edition. A cover, and a magazine, that we cannot wait to share.

Photo credit: Stephanie Artuso

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