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Turning Inward With New Seasons

In the first edition of FOLKLIFE we spoke of our creativity being tied to the seasons in the piece ’15 Things We’re Proud to Have Created’. And as we discovered last spring, looking outwards from home windows and feeling as though we were in a sort of Groundhog Day upon every waking, we were given the chance to experience new waves of emotions. Some days were so high, filled with gratitude and blessings. And some, so so low. Nothing externally seemed to be the direct cause of this, which had many of us questioning—what makes each day so different from the last? What are these cycles we go through? Many say they are grief in a world up in smoke, which roils up when it wishes, and calms too, so we can breathe. But so too is it, the seasons. We’ve been waiting for this Autumn feeling. Moving away from beautiful friends and beaches. Turning inward to find creativity so we can begin again. For FOLKLIFE, it’s ideas put to paper. For this, one needs a sort of introspection, a quietness, and a light loneliness or melancholy (plus Loreena McKennit of course). A perfect storm for bright ideas to flow. What are you finding you need, in these new days?

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