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Tribes of women makers

All the tribes of powerful women across these islands are overwhelmingly stunning and bring such a feeling of gratitude and community and support and love.

When working with those whose main value is community—those who just give and give and give—you can’t help but want to give them and others the world in return.

What a feeling. A feeling that makes all the never-ending work worth it. Working on FOLKLIFE this weekend in the space of a new island community has been heart-opening. Photographer and poet @stasia.garraway led the way, not only coming at the work with skill and expertise, but with an all-encompassing thoughtfulness, kindness, enthusiasm, and staggering generosity with every direction. She makes space as though she has all the time in the world, when really (as with any maker), we know that kind of time just doesn’t exist. But a woman who knows how to slow the FOLK down when it matters.

And on top of that, getting to join with awesome other generous girl bosses with similar values. Krysta Furioso (@OnlyChildHandicrafts), Elisa Rathje (@appleturnover), Miranda Caterer and Deb Pena (@saltspringgoods and @saltyhospitality), Thirza Voysey (@soulfarmsanctuary), Hannah Rohan (@honeysucklegathering), Clementine Doubt, and a thanks to Annika Siemsen (, as well.

Each one of these women are creating incredible things that are worth supporting and spending time with. Works with passion, from the heart, along with an everlasting light that they choose to also shine on everyone’s creative practices. Tribes take careful time and attention and thought to form. We are on our way and are feeling blessed for it.

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