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Survival Guide for the Dark Side

Holy smokes, I’ve been dragging my feet on starting our next edition. Now that we’ve put the first edition fully to bed (AKA it actually is in the printing press as we speak), I really couldn’t muster the enthusiasm these last two weeks, to get started on the next. It really worried me because I was so gung ho on the first one and to make something like this happen, you need to be gung ho. I’ve been seeing many posts about how now is not the time to be productive if you’re not feeling it. The world is grieving and changing and none of this is normal, so it is okay to do whatever you need to to cope (to an extent). Being productive is not something you NEED to do. This is a tough one, as someone who, like society unfortunately, values productivity.

But this morning, I have been buzzing with ideas. Inspiration has hit! And how exciting is this?! Our first edition’s theme is of home—timely, no? And Ive been thinking about the theme for the next one. Obviously we want it to come naturally, as did our first, but we do need some sort of guideline to start. At first, I thought I had the brilliant idea of The Dark Side, as a theme. So many directions to go with it. But now, as health officials have come out and said that not only might this last until the summer, the second wave will hit again in the fall. Woo boy. I grieve for so many with this news, but especially those business owners. I just don’t understand how they will get through this!

So this morning I had the grand idea of the theme to be Survival Guide for the Dark Side. Im lovin’ it, because if anyone knows how to survive an apocalypse, it is Gulf Islanders, with their off-grid houses, gardens, wood chopping and fire making skills, away from bigger civilization, and so on. So, good morning to you all! If you have any ideas for us about you or your Gulf Island friends with cool/neat/weird survival skills, let us know. Hugs from afar!


Photo credit: Shannon Kay, of Sweet Sea Photography, taken on Denman Island on the cooperative housing land of Coho Landing!

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