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Slow the FOLK down sticker available now!

We’re so stoked to announce to you folks that we got a sticker!!! Stickers have been our favourite since we were wee ones so this is exciting for us. Behold— our tag line!

FOLKLIFE is all about slowing the FOLK down. And ain't there any better time to embrace it than during these karazy times! Put it on your bike, your board, your computer, your car, or your partner's mouth—wherever makes the most sense. It measures at 8" x 1", so it don't take up too much space (bigger on this beauty VW so you can see it better). You can find it on our website shop for $5.99. And let us know if you want to stock it in your stores that are...shut... 🙄 😢

Pura vida folks! 🤙🏼 Designed by beautiful Patrick Belanger of Drifter Media

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