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Slow the folk down.

On the beach. On the mountain. Running on the forest trails.

With your partner. With your pet. With the old friend you’re trying to forgive.

In the country. In the city. In the only space you were able to find.

When you’re busy. When you’re stressed. When there’s too much on the to-do list.

If you’re hungry. If you’re full. If you can’t stop ingesting all that will numb.

Where your work is meaningful. Where your work is boring. Where your work is just to make ends meet.

On your computer. On your helmet. On your car. On your water bottle. On your bike. On your scooter. On your notebook. On your fridge. Purchase a ‘slow the folk down’ sticker for all the times you need reminding. Just $5.99 at:



Enjoy the moment. Slow the folk down.

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