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Roam BC From Home with FOLKLIFE

As those on Denman Island so wonderfully put it: #RoamBCFromHome#ExploreBCLater

In FOLKLIFE'S pages, from the comfort and ease of your own bed, walk the roads of an intentional community on Denman, try on a lotion made from Gabriola herbs, and drink warm elixirs from a Hornby mug. Sway to music from Pender, eat finely on Galiano, and peruse tiny homes on Salt Spring. Wake with chickens on Mayne, discover resilient agriculture on Thetis, consider a home on Penelakut, and enjoy the taste explosion from Savary. There are so many ways to tour these lands, all in the pages of the first edition of FOLKLIFE. For the window watchers, FOLKLIFE’S first edition’s theme is home. We know you may be itching to get away from home, but we’d appreciate if you’d start here for now.

Visit our website for the list of retailers where FOLKLIFE is available, or visit to order! <3

📸 Shannon Kay, Sweet Sea Photography

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