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Reaching out in times of crisis

A lot of where the idea for FOLKLIFE came from was to celebrate those living in such a beautiful way, and to inspire others. However, one other big slice of it is also to bring people together through joys and hardships. Island communities can be so fabulous: saying hello to everyone everywhere you go, supporting one another in endeavours…feeling a part of…something…

But island life can be very isolating too. Some would even make sure your mental health is stable enough before moving to such a place. There is a big body of water between you and the bigger world, plus big properties, looming trees, more introverted people, and cozy homes. It is a place where it takes more work to leave our warm little spots to be with others. If you have families and partners with you, it could be less of an issue, but when trials unfold…like heartbreak, power outages, epidemics, broken limbs, lost jobs, and more, well…. those who are already alone can feel it ten fold.

So, you lovely island folk, please consider reaching out to those who may not have that support structure needed in times of crisis, for the darkness can be more than an outside world shutting down; it can be what is within, that can be truly scary.

Much love to you all. And on another note, please consider supporting the arts and local businesses, in whatever way you can.

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FOLKLIFE 1st Edition - Spring/Summer 2020