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One year since our first FOLKLIFE interview

It’s the one year anniversary of when we first started interviewing people for FOLKLIFE From the beginning, it was a goal to work with Margo Anfossie of Panacea Herbs—our first interviewee. We’ve always romanticized herbalism, seaside towns, and witchery (probably from nights watching Practical Magic), and to have our very own fabulous herbalist woman creating beautiful products from locally-grown earthy things next to her farmhouse down the island, was treat enough to get to cover. Let alone the lovely interview in the last of the summer sun and cooler weather to write the piece. This inspirational woman worked out wonderfully, even to the extent of sitting comfortably on Jenn’s porch for FOLKLIFE’S cover. Not all interviews are easy. Not all stories come lightly. Not all people are easy to work with. But Margo set us off well on FOLKLIFE’S path one year ago. Now, we have dozens of interviews under our belts, and we’re keeping on keeping on. Invited into spaces and lives—folk’s secrets. Thank you.

“For in this old house live stories of seas and herbs and manifestations.”

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