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And now to commence one of the darkest times to be on Canada's west coast islands. November. The dreaded month where the only holiday is Remembrance Day. Fitting, perhaps. A time to turn inward, remember, rest, hibernate. Heal through introspection. There can be a tendency though, to go too far into that darkness. And with no sight of the sun in any near future, we must remember to choose to come together. Come into the rain and out of the dry. Come into the night and out of the house. For community and coming together is beneficial in a land that goes dark at 4pm, with no streetlights to light the way. Host dinners or workshops or netflix gatherings or knitting circles. And do this even more if you're feeling safe and warm in these dark times, as there are those out there who need your help and space more than most.

Jenn Knight Photography
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