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How do you sleep?

As mentioned (many times) before, there’s an obsession for the way people live inside their houses that the outside world never gets to see.

What is the reason that we keep these spaces private? Like where we sleep, perhaps. Or how we sleep. It’s intimate, sure. But oh so interesting. We all have routines and patterns and places that we succumb to each evening. Ways of spending the third dark side of our of ourselves that we rarely share with one another.

I, for one, sleep with things. I am a nester. My laptop, books, magazines, clothes, a million blankets and pillows. The older I get, the more I realize this is weird and that others don’t do it. Some people sleep with eye masks. Some with nature sounds or white noise. Some couples sleep in a perfectly tucked in covers, and others sleep in separate beds across the house. Some sleep with animals or kids crammed in, and others sleep with their arms tight around each other, or back to back with just a toe touching. Some people sleep with darth vader like machines, some sleep naked, and some sleep while wearing socks (what?!). Some need one blanket, and some need one sheet, and some need a million. Some snore, some talk, some drool. Some sleep in tiny spaces and others sleep with miles around their beds. Some people would hate the idea of sharing how they sleep or that they NEVER make their bed, let alone eat all their meals in bed. And some would think we are creeps for being curious, and others, we hope, well, others might just be into it and into sharing.

We’re into showcasing the way we spend such a large part of our lives. The things we don’t talk a whole bunch about. How do you sleep? What’s your room like? What do you need for your dark side? Comment here or email us! ❤️

📸 Stephanie Artuso

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