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From event planning to distribution. Oh my!

With the content currently being designed and the Kickstarter postcards all sent (a much bigger job than anticipated, even from someone who loves writing and sending postcards), it is now time to turn our attention to planning the big April launch event and working on distribution.

The event is relatively straightforward, as we have much experience in the industry. However, if you know a sweet and upbeat Gulf Island band, let us know ASAP, as we’re currently working on the lineup.

The distribution on the other hand, is an interesting one! From planning on seeing FOLKLIFE stocked in small artisanal shops featuring local goods, to regular newsstands near and far, well, there are so many options and so much unknown! We just heard back from Mags Canada on their distribution network who start with 50-150 copies and plan on selling 30% (taking 55% of profits - which is normal in the industry). I mean, I know we’re new but….selling 50 copies as a distributor? That is nothing! But that’s okay - it’s informative, and we intend to make up the difference in lots of creative ways. Looking forward to pounding the pavement with this beauty mag! Send sweet shop suggestions if you have any!

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