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FOLKLIFE Live! Indefinitely Postponed

So today was the day that was supposed to be our big FOLKLIFE launch event featuring Ghostly Hounds, Superfeather, Voodoo Dave, Patrick Aleck, hosted by Dave O Rama, and readings from awesome first edition FOLKLIFE writers. Everything booked at a brand new and exciting venue, posters printed and about to be put up, etc. What so many arts producers have dealt with over the last month. So unfortunate. How cool would it have been to celebrate in person with you all! And today! We'd be dancing, hanging out in the sun (what a day!), with delicious eats and local drinks. And Gulf Islanders booked from all over to come over for it! I think with the lack of people time, it sounds all the more appealing right now. So while this specific event is obviously cancelled, do know that there will be future ones! And we can't wait to celebrate with you FOLKLIFE style, one day! Cheers!<3

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