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FOLKLIFE 1st Edition Sneak Peek!

"Kate Nash lives with her husband, Kip, and three children in a converted school bus on 14 acres of raw land, with no running water.

Along with an outhouse, an outdoor kitchen, and a deck they built using milled wood from the property, they have chickens, horses, cats, a dog, and a cow named Apple.

Kate milks the cow every morning and makes her own butter, cream, yoghurt, and cheese. In close relationship with their neighbours, her family trades things like eggs for bread, and milk for yoga. “We used to live in a little house with not a lot of land and we realized that we needed no house and a lot of land.”

The kids are independent and hardworking: they make their own lunches, light the communal hot tub for bathing, and gather and chop firewood. “I think that when your kids get older, the closer you are in proximity to one another, the closer you stay. It’s been a blessing for our family to live with less.”

Featuring Kate Nash, Salt Spring Island, BC

"Make Space" is a photo essay by Brette Little, featuring women who've built unique homes that make room for more creative, fulfilling lifestyles. In mailboxes May 1st Purchase it here:

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