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Feeling the call of September

For me, September has always been the month of rebirth, perhaps because I spent most of my life in school. September: the start of something new. Now, I have been out of school for seven years (which is absolutely unfathomable), and yet, I still feel it. The summer has been grand. Lots of sun and frolicking and family and beer and visiting and adventure and masks and restlessness and hand sanitizer and not enough focus on work.

And now, as I start wearing longer pyjamas, and as I pull out another duvet, and as I put on that good old sweater… As I start to see people post about pumpkins and Thanksgiving plans… As I think about winter work...well...I also start to think about new goals.

NYE was the never the time for me. Now is the time.

Perhaps I will meditate 5 mins a day or take that class on leadership. Perhaps I will move to a new island or change the 7k trail run to a 10k trail run. Perhaps I will—no, DEFINITELY I will lay off the dating apps, and I will try not to diet.

Fall on the west coast of Canada is a blessed thing. Apples and leaves and sweaters and tea and wood stoves. We get the scrumptious four seasons, which leads us through change, and we are so blessed for it. Are you looking forward to something, with the end of sweet summer? My apologies if you’re holding tight onto summer, for the sweet sun did float by so quickly. But I am just embracing the crisp in the air.

Photo by Stephanie Artuso

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