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Featured on The Stack!

Podcasts became my jam when I spent two solid months painting the exterior of my house on a ridiculously tall ladder. It started with podcasts based on disordered eating (a struggle for me), which led to the body positive movement (amazing), which led to podcasts on successful people in business: women in business, bajillionaires, etc (my fave is Tim Ferriss’). I am so thankful to have discovered podcasts.

About 14 months ago, I would do the long walk to my coffee shop gig inWanaka New Zealand, deep in the midst of starting up a business plan for a new magazine, so I was focused on podcasts that would help with that. Monocle’s ‘The Stack’ was huge for me. Especially the ones featuring startup magazines—hearing about what it was like to start a magazine, what went wrong, how they handled it, etc. It meant that making mistakes didnt feel so bad, so The Stack was a godsend.

When host, Fernando Pacheco, said to send him a copy of FOLKLIFE to the UK, we were fangirling HUGE. He got it, saying it was beautiful! So here is the resulting interview. FOLKLIFE’S starts at 21:15 but listening to the others is cool too! One is about bookstores around the world, one is from the guy who coined FOMO (real interesting! he also talks about FOGO - give it a listen!), and one is from an ex Gulf Islander, Kolton Proctor, who is ALSO starting Found You Magazine right now. Isn’t that cool?

I have to say though, I’ve been hesitant about sharing this interview because I talk too much about myself and I want to apologize about that. I wish there was more talk of the making of FOLKLIFE because it was such an interesting endeavour and I think could have been informative for others out there who may be walking to their barista jobs in far off lands. Ah well...

Photo by Tori Elliott

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