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Do you have: A Place To...?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Each one of us have special places we create—nests we make—to do the things that nourish us.

Places where each piece is thoughtfully chosen to bring out the best. This might be a place to drink. Or a place to garden, or a place to cook. A place to write, or a place to paint. Could be a place to work, or a place to sing. A place to socialize, or a place to eat. A place to sleep, or a place to run. A place to drink, or a place to read. A place to bathe, or a place to meditate. And in looking deeply into these places, we can acknowledge what we have intentionally ‘placed’ or chosen to include to make them the most conducive for us. You all share so many of these beautiful places online, and we want to hear more about them. What is your place?

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