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A Sad Day for the Industry

"I should feel angry that magazines that meant so much to so many can be wiped out by the decision of some suit in New York, and I do, but mostly I feel sad. The news, as we’ve come to say in this craziest of years, is shocking but not surprising. Publishers face extreme challenges today ...

It’s on publishers to create something special, something uniquely attuned to their audiences, and to do it in a way no other publisher can or will. Increasingly, this means ownership by small, independent houses, like AJ or Surfer’s Journal or Height of Land. Perhaps Bike or Powder or Snowboarder or Surfer will find such a home and be given realistic tools and expectations to succeed; I certainly hope so ...

The two big lessons here are 1) that we publishers need to give you an awesome product, but 2) if we do, you need to step up and pay for it. And by “pay for it” I don’t mean with clicks or likes, I mean by subscribing. It’s too late for Bike, Powder, Snowboarder, and Surfer, but there are numerous independent publications that could use your support."

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