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Should we be giving you sneak peeks of what is coming up in the 1st edition of FOLKLIFE? It's funny—we have been using the idea of ‘mornings’ to guide us in this first edition, as something new, spring-like (for the spring time), and with such potential for the day (and business) journey. And yet, as much as you want to guide the creation in one specific direction, it takes on its own spirit and path, birthing themes that may be under the radar, but that are, nonetheless, there. The biggest theme that has come from the work so far, is this idea of ‘home’. Whether that is finding a home, creating a home, healing a home, lacking a home…we know the idea of home is beautiful, romantic, gritty, especially in times when it is challenging to find one, but it manifests in so many interesting ways, and turns out we get to share this with you, and are embracing it. . What are your ideas of home? Does this resonate with you right now?

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