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1st Edition Sneak Peek!

SNEAK PEEK! It is so amazing to see what lovely people pop out of the woodwork to support the startup of a new, exciting, and ambitious passion project. You often think there will be specific people really into it, but you can’t know who it will really speak to, and how those new voices will be the power behind us pushing forward and making something incredible—purely out of the generosity and passion of their hearts. Patrick has finished the first draft of FOLKLIFE’s first edition and it is BEAUTIFUL (he’s so talented) and we’re so excited being in the midst of making it happen. I want to take a moment to thank the people who have been pivotal behind the scenes right now, giving us the notes we need to elevate it to a high level. Big cheers to Chuck Hart, Jenn Knight, Margy Gilmour, Chris Straw, Michelle Benjamin, Adrian Huysman, Jen Reed-Lewis, Julie Sperber, Thirza Voysey, and Christy Wilson. As with many startups (and perhaps even moreso with print publishing), we’re operating on a shoestring budget to pay the big bills before FOLKLIFE is out in April. The Kickstarter raised half of it, and the side hustles are paying the rest of it, so all the help we can get until we can hire legit staff (when the mag sells) is crucial, and we are SO thankful for these generous spirits.

Here's some initial feedback from those who've taken the time to provide much-needed feedback:

"Gorgeous work! I absolutely loved it. The soul, art, landscape, stories, food, and “folk” profiles all drew me in, kept me there, and now I want more. For the inaugural edition, your team selected a great representation of islanders, our place, and our space. I felt represented in why we are here, and how we meld our passions, work, family, and lifestyle. I read it from the lens “would I pay $20 + for an edition? My answer….Without hesitation! Distribution to the right venues; it will undoubtedly be a sell out. You and your team have done outstanding work here. I hope you are as pleased as I was reading it. When is the 2nd edition coming out?? ; )" ~Jen

"It really is beauty-full Alina. Be very proud. The rumblings I heard about glamorizing an instagram life is not reflected in this AT ALL. I love how real it is and there is not sense or pretense or any arrogance in terms of a ‘lifestyle’ brand. Well done! My reaction to it was warm and inviting. One of my first thoughts was I can’t wait to touch it in print/see it in print. Which is not my usual. It will be gorgeous in print. It is online but in print it will really sing. Very well rounded content from Let Love In, Mud Girls, to Huggers." -Julie

"I love the photos, I love the stories, and I love the human elements that defines us on these islands. Folklife is beautiful, meaningful, interesting, and funny bits too. Photos and general layout are gorgeous." ~Christy

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