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Bright Side to the Dark Days

Perhaps like being close to your garden and the earth, the production of the magazine is growing along with the seasons.

With the shortness of days, cooler dark mornings, blankets and newly-lit fires, we’re tucking in to work on what this magazine really is about.

August was business, September and October is introspection and storytelling. We structure each morning to garner the greatest amount of magic: wake in the dark of 6am before the household stirs, make a chocolatey coffee, sit outside on the deck facing the ocean with a blanket tightly around us, read, and then write, to the tune of Loreena McKennitt.

It might be cheesy and cliche, but the new age music does wonders for the inspiration of island stories...for the reader to feel magic, the writer must too be immersed in magic.

It’s the bright side to the dark days.

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