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Essentially, our kickstarter campaign was a magazine pre-order. You helped us launch, but at the same time, you brought communities together and supported the local economy. Now you get to dive into some great reading.

We structured the rewards to reflect the actual price of FOLKLIFE, but we were so excited to have you as our first subscribers that we threw in free digital editions of FOLKLIFE! In addition, there were many other fun rewards.


Your help in funding this project means we

  • Pay for printing the first edition of FOLKLIFE

  • Sustain the quality design and content so that every page remains spectacular

  • Pay Kickstarter rewards and fees

  • Dedicate more of our time to creating a truly awesome magazine.


Kickstarter is all or nothing. If we didn't sign on enough subscribers, you wouldn’t have been charged any money, and we would have gone back to the drawing board. But with all the hard work we had invested to develop fabulous artistic direction, solid editorial content, and a network of Gulf Island connections, we were pretty confident that we could do it with your support. And we did! We raised $17,300, with a goal of $16,000, in 30 days!

Please visit our kickstarter campaign where you get to hear more about FOLKLIFE and watch a great video, made by Close to the Sun Productions.

Campaign ran October 22-November 21, 2019.


Without the generosity of our island communities, FOLKLIFE would not exist. Thanks to everyone who generously supported our successful Kickstarter campaign. Together, we have dreamed it into being.

Megan Adam

Rose Alderson

Irene Allison

Margo Anfossie

Burc Annina

Dave Aris

Brendalee Astells

Joyce Babula

Michelle Backe

Carolyn Bell

Michelle Benjamin

Sigrid Bjarnason

Laurence Blanchard

Darren Bond

Jacqui Braid

Susan Brooks

Rhonda Bruce

Colleen Burd

Oliver Bussler

Cacao Connection

Karen Cain

Charlotte Cameron

Tawny Capon

Arlene Carson

Emma Carter

Jeff Chan

Tania Cheffins

Rachelle Chinnery

Kathi Chorneyko

Britt Christianson

Robert Church

Ranza Clark

Scott Colbourne

Stephen Cole

Donna Cox

Katherine Cox Stevenson

Ava Crabbe

Rachelle Cregheur

Katherine Crosbie

Karen Curry

Sue Custance

Audra Davies

Isabelle De Launiere

Jen Demler

Michael Despotovic

Sherry Des Roches

Joe Dicara

Monica Dimofski

Brad Dingwall

Edwin Docherty

Huguette and Marc Dore

Elisabeth Drance

Emer Dubois

Tori Elliott

Ed Englander

Dorothy Engst

Kara Espeseth

Perri Espeseth

Laura Evans

Paula Evans

Carol Fergusson

Mary Ferreira

Selen Fisher

Corinne Flaws

Cheryl Fraser

Madeleine Froment

Krysta Furioso

Gabriola Directory

Gabriola Fitness Centre

Doug Galloway

Nathan Gamberg

Gather Pender Island

Jason Gaudet

Paul Gellman

Andrea Georgiev

Debra Gill

Chris Gilmour

Luke Gladu

Katie Glaze

Ken Glaze

Maria Glaze

Michelle Gore-Langton

Gina Green

Lynda Green

Shelly Green

Jane Grinder

Ground Up Pop Up Café & Catering

Tony Grove

Alysson Hall

Taylor Hancock

Laura Handford

Caitlin Hanna

Jo Harrison

Linda Helen Harrison

Charles Hart

Audrey Haug

Julie Heinrich

Moe Hill

Dave Hitchcock

Leah Hokanson

Annie Holmes

Gary Holmes

Tammy Hudgeon

Adrian Huysman

Dirk Huysman

Shane Ison

Anita Jackel

Kristopher Jacobsen

Tina Jones

Mindy Joseph

Justin Kautz

Zig Kedzior

Lee Ker

Muriel Kranabetter

Denisa Kraus

Tamara Kulusic

Britt Lao

Anne Landry

Kristyn Landry

Paul Leighton

Angie Lewis

Sean Lewis

Maia Levine

Lisa Lipsett

Rowland Lorimer

Arlene MacLowick

Judith Madsen

Robbie Mahikwa

Teresa Mahikwa

Blair Mann

Julie Marshall

Dawn Massey


Marlis McCargar

Pam McCartney

Marty McCririck

Cory McDonald

Bill McGann

Tammy McGrath

Leita McIn

Kathy McIntyre

Liz McKnight

Mike Mead

Billi Mercier

Gayla Meredith

Alex Mierzewska

Erin Mikulin

Emrys Damon Miller

Kathryn Molloy

Bridget Montgomery

Maggie Mooney

Mark Morell

Carrie Morrison

David and Jennifer Morton

Claire Muir

Diana Mumford

Jennifer Nash

Linda Lee Nicholls

Danielle Noel

Kim O’Dell

Darelle Odo

Megan Osmond-Jones

Janey Paananen

Patricia Paratte

Kate Paterson

Dominique Pattinier

Kit Pepper

Mickey Pfeiffer

Sam McDonald Phair

Deborah Pike

Rozanne Pilbeam

Judith Plant

Jules Platt

Bill Pope

Kathy Ramsey

Christine Rand

Lousie Rebelle

Darryl Receveur

Jen Reed-Lewis

Sara Reeves

Jo-Anne Retallick

Lisa Rey

Mary Ann Richards

Rob Robinson

Nadia Rock

Erin Rouse

Natasha Royer

Daniele Rudischer

Kelsey Rush


Savary Island Provisions

Brent Searle

Jen Selman

Alyssa Semczyszyn

Veronica Shelford

Graham Sheehan

Jessie Sherk

June Shoemaker

Frank Shoemaker

Kiyomi Schulz

Rosie Sidle

Julie Sperber

Lawrence Spero

Laure Stark

Wendy Stok

Tathra Street

Robert Stutzman

Sandra Huynh

Dannielle Taylor

Kim Taylor

Lorie Taylor

Linda Toews

Katie Treleaven

Marie-Eve Trudel

Judith Tye

Nicole Uhlick

Adam and Josee Velsen

Alois Verlinden

Ana Vieira

Eleanor Voysey

Alisa Ketchum Walker

P.D. Waltman

April Warn-Vannini

Nigel Wells

Gregory Wicks

Cara Wiesner

Melinda Wilde

Christy Wilson

Janice Wilson

Joanne Woehrle

Francis Wolokoff

Grazyna Wolski

Jessica Wong

Mark Woodside

Sonja Zupanec

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