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FOLKLIFE is a biannual print magazine inspired by the slow, sustainable, and artistic intentional living on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. With its beautiful, minimalist design, poetic editorial, and vibrant photography, readers trust FOLKLIFE to be a window into the salty wild, showcasing art and agriculture, business and creativity, food and farming, and dwellings and nature. Each issue explores one theme through engaging interviews, stories, photographs, recipes, and artwork, celebrating and connecting those living simply and as an art form.

Want to connect?


We're a bunch of FOLKLIFERS living on the Gulf Islands of Canada's west coast. We live, love, swim, build, work, create, play, and eat the FOLKLIFE lifestyle. It's delicious. We're made up of entrepreneurs, writers, designers, editors, photographers, weirdos, and lovely people who live with passion and intention, close to the earth, and with an aim to connect and inspire. FOLKLIFE is a labour of love and we hope your hearts are open.


Be one of the first!


We know you don't know us and we also know you have no idea what this magazine will look like. But why not be a bit adventurous and give us a try when we need it the most? It only costs $20 to delve into the unknown (the cost of a 20 minute head massage at your local farmer's market)! As with many new start-ups (and definitely with print publishing), the big costs come at the beginning, so your generous subscription is win-win! You will be getting something fabulous delivered straight to your door in 2020, and you'll be supporting a new endeavour and your fellow Gulf Islanders.


Thanks in advance for your support. We hope you're excited as we are.

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